VictorOps: Desiging with Data


As an early stage startup, VictorOps depended on making an unforgettable first impression throughout every digital touchpoint, as well as optimizing our web presence to drive users into trial signups and product demos.

I led the design, development and digital strategy for VictorOps Marketing, generating $1.2M+ in revenue, increasing organic traffic by 94% and tripling conversion rates. I also designed marketing emails, developed microsites such as the VictorOps Knowledge Base and created graphics for social and paid search.

Redesigning the Enterprise Experience

As VictorOps expanded into the enterprise market, we saw a need to switch up how we connected with our target personas. Although end-users were our customers early-on, our enterprise personas were managers and C-suite executives at large corporations.

We saw a pattern that these executives were less likely to follow through after signing up for free trials or our weekly public demo. Through auditing our personas and validating our user research, we discovered the following:

Understanding this, I worked with the sales team to develop a streamlined user journey from the website to conversion to demo, offering a customized demo of our product tailored to their company’s business goals, which resulted in a $1.2M+ increase in revenue.

In addition, we found by adding a phone number field to this form, the sales team could follow up almost immediately, and had a 68% better close rate as a result.

Evolving the Brand

As VictorOps grew up, we elevated our brand experience, while staying true to our irreverant roots. This included refining our design system for marketing to match our product, along with taking a data-driven iterative design approach, which tripled our conversion rates.